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14.05.2007 17:58

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A two-storey detached house situated in a calm, quiet village 50 km from Veliko Turnovo, 35 km from Gorna Oriahovitsa and 180 km from the Black Sea coast. There is a regular bus connection with the town of Veliko Turnovo and Gorna Oriahovitsa. The climate is moderately continental with the average temperature about 12 degrees above zero. The total living space of the house is about 80 sq.m. It consists of the following: a veranda, a corridor, a large hall (where a bathroom can be constructed), 3 bedrooms, a cellar. There is double woodwork and wooden floor. The house overlooks 2 streets and has electricity (even three phase), water, mobile phone coverage. The yard is about 700 sq.m. and has several farm buildings. The garden has a variety of fruit trees. The property was maintained well by the previous owners. The road to the property is asphalt and well-maintained. This wonderful property is worth considering. There is a video clip about it which the clients can get through the Internet and have a look at the advantages of this property. Some properties in the village have already been bought by English clients. Price: 12 000 euros E-mail: slavi_slavov1956@mail.bg

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